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May 26, 2011 7:35 AM
A response to Ed Schultz from an 18-year old female listener
Posted by Staff
I recently sent this to Mr. Ed Schultz upon hearing his grotesque comments about you on his radio show:

Dear Ed Schultz,

You're comments made towards Ms. Laura Ingraham, a highly intelligent, successful, and respectable woman, were not only highly offensive to Ms. Ingraham, but also myself. As an 18 year FEMALE, the word slut is tossed around daily by teenagers...and, as it looks from your face on your website, you, Mr. Schultz, are no teenager. I am not condoning this word used by young adults, and even in some cases younger than this, but you as a 57 year old man, takes this word use to another extreme. You should not be making these remarks about someone who, although you may not deem this possible, is your equal. You're behavior is disgusting and your not showing any regret is obscene. You are a pitiful excuse of a man to be able to put down a woman the way that you TRIED to. Reagan drank that beer in 1983. Laura was at Dartmouth. I doubt you read the Dartmouth Review on-line since Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet. What are the chances of you remembering a comment made from Ms. Ingraham over a quarter century ago? I find this hard to believe, Mr. Schultz. Laura Ingraham is a remarkable person and a wonderful mother. She is also a brilliant and gifted writer. The size of her audience is MANY times that of yours. She graduated from Dartmouth and Virginia School of Law, while you cheated on your first wife with the second and barely made it out of Minnesota State Moorehead...You have some serious guts! You shall always be known for these outbursts - which are usually idiotic and highly insulting to the target of your anger.

With all due respect,

Michele L.

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